Sunday, 17 May 2015

This Week #20 | Out Of Sorts

I've been trying to write for the past month or so. I've lost it a bit. Writing wise that is.

Time hasn't really been on my side recently and with new things beginning my focus has been elsewhere.

After two weeks of little to no ideas I began to lose patience with myself. Staring at the screen for half an hour trying to muster anything of worth had grown tiring and I gave in. I rode the 'my brain is mush right now' wave (I still am a little bit) and attempted to focus my attention on other things.
That didn't go too smooth either.

I can feel myself losing concentration - and interest - in things I once thought were my own.
And to be frank, it's not a feeling I enjoy.

Alas, with only two minutes of brain power left this is all I could rally together.

I'm feeling numb and a little lost. I have some strength in me, but please, be gentle.

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