Friday, 6 December 2013

Snail Mail

At the age of seven acquiring letters in the post is a big deal! And it's an even bigger deal when you dig out said letters and rekindle those heart warming feelings.

I'd always been close to my Granny Lucia. A self-reliant, determined female figure in my life. She was Italian and my gosh did she make it known! 
However, this closeness was not literal, she lived in the South and I in the North. So, after receiving my first writing set at the age of seven the only person I even considered to write to was her.
Her disjointed English and my excitable nature encouraged us both to learn from each other and keep a strong relationship.

I like to think we'd be writing to each other now if she was still alive... For now, I'll keep myself stimulated about the prospect of having a Pen Pal again.

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