Sunday, 29 December 2013

A Turn Of Events

For the first time, I found myself pacing the hallway. Am I in a film? Was pacing the hallway a real thing? I felt like a fictional character, making dramatic gestures to myself in the mirror and clasping the my far too round cheeks in angst.

What was I really bothering myself about? Something petty - that probably wouldn't matter a great deal in the morning - was my first guess. Then again, it felt like something a little more complex than that - deep rooted.

In an attempt to free myself of this feeling, those thoughts, that problem, I shrugged my shoulders, only to find they remained locked in a tense, uptight position. 

With newly hunched shoulders in tow, I continued to pace. 

After 12 lengths (precisely) I stopped, took one look at myself, head to toe. And ordered myself to bed.

Get a grip, Alessia.


  1. Hello,

    I cannot believe you are only 17. What a nice, slightly dark, poetic post! It ends a little like a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon ;-) All the best, you have talent!
    ps I found you through sometimessweet Journal days.

    1. Hi there!
      Thank you so much! Promptly headed over to your blog (beautiful)! and read your Journal piece, deeply admire the line: "There is a sigh of relief in the air as the pressure changes around me and tries to suck me in, away from the end of the sidewalk, into the dense cloud of people."

  2. Hi Alessia,
    Thanks a million! You cannot believe how happy that makes me today! I was a little unsure about that post. Also English is not my mother tongue... Good that I came back here today! Kudos to you!