Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Healthy 10

10 things that make me feel healthy!

  1. Eating well rounded meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  2. Exercise - especially Yoga and swimming.
  3. Seeing my family and investing in my relationships - there are very few people I'd rather spend my time with and actively participating in the love shared between me and another makes me feel alive.
  4. Accepting and seeking help/advice from others - I'm slowly learning that there's no shame in needing a little guidance every now and then. After all, no man is an island.
  5. A good chat - knowing when it's time to just sit and talk about the world and where I am brings me great comfort.
  6. Brisk walking against the wind - I can feel the wind go by when I run. It feels good. It feels fast.
  7. Knowing I've made others feel good.
  8. Recognising that I can't control the universe. I am the water, not a rock.
  9. Sleeping 9 hours every night without interruption - Zzzz...
  10. Being mindful - it keeps me grounded and alive.


  1. These are great things to live by! modern day 10 commandments =p I particularly like 2 + 5 those things always make me so feel so much better. All the best for 2014 and thank you for following my blog :)
    Becca x x