Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Expectations vs. Results

Recently, I've come to realise (and it's been mentioned by many) that I function on anxious energy.
So when the time came for me to take my Driving Theory Test, you can only imagine the terror that struck me.

Being of this anxious nature, my expectation was that I wouldn't pass - this worry was then thrust upon many people I care for (I apologise profusely). Predominantly, for me, the fear is what it means to fail.

What does it mean to fail?

I'm still largely unsure, and that's not because I've never failed at anything - believe me, I have - it's more because I'm not sure it means anything.
Take, for example, that 'diet' everyone's been meaning to start and stick to. Let's turn the idea around; that stranger you passed on the street, they don't give a damn what and how much you've eaten today. And neither does that guy who served you coffee.

Perhaps, failing [at that 'diet'] is just fine. So what you ate that cake? The world hasn't ended, and you are still very much alive.

I have learnt that:

  • The results often exceed expectations.
  • Failing doesn't make you a failure.
  • Theory tests aren't so bad.
  • You'll get there when the time is right - self hate isn't okay at any size.

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