Sunday, 23 March 2014

My Week In Numbers #1

5 - shops visited looking for a pizza stone. Who knew it would be so stressful?!

1 - twitter account reactivated. My daily musings can be found here.

2 - coffees accidentally spilt. I'm working on my clumsiness.

90 - minutes spent doing Yoga routines.

3 - kites spotted on my walk with Milo.

(£) 2.50 - spent on Green Kombucha tea and a little head space.

30 - minutes spent realising I don't have time to hate myself.

200+ - the amount of times I've laughed, giggled and chuckled this week.

2 - blisters obtained from taking my new shoes on their first outing. About 3 less than expected.

5:00 - the time I got home after work today. It was busy but very rewarding.

13 - days until the Hoxton North Team head to London for the Coffee Festival!!

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