Wednesday, 19 March 2014

What A Headache

It's my day off that has lead to this spontaneous post. Right now, I am faced with an excruciating headache - I probably couldn't call it a migraine - and the choice between taking medicine and not taking medicine.

For myself, I don't entertain the idea of medicine. I find it difficult to place something unnatural into my body to 'fix' a (sometimes) natural occurrence (in this case, a simple headache).

I've been prescribed my fair share of medicine in the past. Many I care not to mention.
At a younger age, I am aware I have ingested medicine and it did resolved whatever health issue I had. However, the past few years I've been offered various medicines to either aid or cure my 'problems' (I place that word in quotation marks because I often find problems are to do with perspective and opinions). In short, I did try the offered medicine and although many family and friends said they saw a difference, however I didn't feel one. I've learnt to acknowledge how I feel during the time I take medicine and how I look/appear when taking it - two very different things to be aware of.

Granted I accept there are many illnesses and diseases that do depend heavily on medicine, and that's fine! I am also aware that each person is completely free to obtain their own opinions about said topic without being wrongly judged.

In conclusion, I won't being taking medicine for this headache. A walk and plenty of water always sorts me out, and leaves me feeling a lot better than any chemicals do.

I'd be interested to hear your own opinions and experiences with medicine. Leave a comment below!

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