Sunday, 29 June 2014

Travel: Wales

My blog's been pretty quiet this week and that's because I scooted off to Wales with a bunch of cool people to do a bunch of cool writing.

I don't want to write too much about the trip, mostly because the photos speak for themselves, but also because I was lucky enough to come home massively inspired and motivated to write. So it's likely they'll be a few more of my own creativities going up soon. 

The beauty of sea air, captivates me every time.

Having our own library for the week was a huge bonus! It also means my bank account will be taking a beating as I've noted at least seven books I absolutely cannot live without. 

A river situated five minutes from the house meant I was never far from a good view, photo opportunity and a little headspace.

It was a cracking week. I met some lovely people, played cards, attempted to learn the rules of chess, embarrassed myself (too much) and laughed a whole lot more than I expected to.

Next week, same time, please.

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