Sunday, 1 June 2014

Dear June...

You're the middle of the year. Bang smack in the centre. And hey, you've left it pretty late to use 'middle child syndrome' as an excuse to play up so don't expect me to buy that one.

I have a strong feeling you're going to be a real mixed bag. A few tough days and (hopefully) plenty of grand days.

There's birthdays and anniversaries to plan for and let's not forget now is your time to bring some golden sunshine and summer breezes our way.

One of my favourite things about this time is being able to open up the windows, the sweet scents that dance through the house bring me nothing but joy - we're lucky to get that in May so this is your chance to shine, out do the others (I won't tell of your competitive side).

Please bring good things; safe trips, strong bonds, and a swell start to the summer.

I'm ready for you, June. Let's make this a good'un.

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