Sunday, 22 June 2014


Drinking: copious amounts of hot water and lemon.
Wanting: a little headspace.
Looking: at flights. I'm tempted, really tempted.
Deciding: my next move.
Enjoying: fair weather and the smiles it brings.
Waiting: for bigger things.
Pondering: what I should have for dinner, avocado or avocado? They're just so good!
Considering: if I'm ready to turn 18 in a few months... probably not.
Reading: The Catcher In The Rye - it's just as good the sixth time round.
Hoping: for some guidance.
Wearing: a beautiful vintage kimono that I picked up for just £20.
Noting: all my ideas, desk space is quickly diminishing.
Admiring: beautiful cameras, I'll take them all, please.
Sorting: through all the clothes that need washing... before I go away in around twelve hours.
Getting: worked up too easily - I need to figure that one out.
Realising: there are some things I can't alter, and that's okay.
Planning: very little. My head is packed with stuff already.

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