Sunday, 6 July 2014

Negative vs. Positive

 Energy is contagious; positive and negative alike.

We all know it's pretty easy to get stuck in a bit of a negative rut. Be it through our own thinking or circumstances thrust upon us.
Let's not forget we can't help but absorb the comments we hear about the choices we make on daily basis - that can be tough, we're all human and we're all trying to get by. 

A few years ago, I wouldn't have been able to see the positives that come with the negatives. Now I'm older, I've learnt there's a balance with everything.

  •  I missed a lot of school & left early with few qualifications vs. I'm working somewhere I love and saving to travel. 
Earlier this year when I made the decision to leave school I faced a bit of criticism, you can imagine the kind; "What will you do?" "What about uni?" "You're not going to be able to get in to writing or any higher jobs." Now, don't get me wrong, I understand these things were said with the best of intentions but it's not as though I hadn't considered these ideas - I took them in to consideration and ultimately still knew this was the right thing for me.
I'm lucky enough to be working somewhere that continues to help me grow and educates me on a daily basis - that's something I wouldn't trade. And the fact it's aiding me in saving to travel is a bonus.

  • My great Nana passed away vs. Someone gained a new, loved home.
It may have taken a over a year to sort the house out after 'Foo' passed away (at the ripe age of 100) but now it's done a new family have the opportunity to plant their roots. They're in a well loved home and are now closer than they've ever be to their own family.

  • My brother lives over 5,000+ miles away vs. He's doing what he loves.
It can be pretty tough being so far away from someone you grew up with. The plus side is that I know he's doing what he loves and is gaining life experiences beyond measure. In a world where the internet and technology is ever growing it's a big relief things like Skype and online chats are around, that kind of thing wouldn't have been possible 15-20 years ago.

We learn some of our biggest lessons through our struggles and there's little that can replace those individual experiences. It's the perspective we adopt that alters what we learn.

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