Sunday, 20 July 2014

This Week #7

I'm not really sure about this week. It's kind of been a mixed bag (I say that nearly every time I write this post but hey, at least I'm consistent)!
If saner heads hadn't prevailed I'd probably be huddled in a corner, weeping. Alas, I've just about managed to keep it together.

The 'Go it Alone' thing happened on Tuesday. It was weird. But surprisingly, less daunting than first expected. Although, I'm glad it was early in the week because my head had been going non-stop crazy during the build up. I didn't and don't yet feel a sense of relief; or even grief for that matter, I'm just manically peaceful. Most likely it'll take me a few days to a week to realise what's actually happened and what's going to happen and I reckon when it hits I'll find a little hideaway and just be still.

Bar a few (more) car mishaps, an attempt to find solidarity at the bottom of (three) beer bottles and extremely long walks home it's probably been one of my calmer weeks. And that is saying something because there's a lot I can't condense for this post. I like the idea of writing it all down, documenting it here, on paper, in photos. Then, at the same time I like my little private thoughts and memories. So really, I could be writing about the normality and routine of my week whilst sat in the Sahara Dessert - unlikely as the WiFi is probably terrible, but you get the idea, my week could have been wild and completely illegal and you wouldn't know because I haven't typed it here.

I actually wrote this in the early hours of this morning, with most of my friends asleep (on floor) in the room next door. It can be a little romanticised and fickle sometimes, but I love it. And I still don't know whether to laugh or cringe at the amount of times "This is so Skins" has been said in the last week.
Someone tell me how I scored this lot. 
My laughter generators at 2am when I have to be up at six.


  1. Mmm, I get what you mean, a lot of my daily life doesn't end up on my blog either, but I think it's better to live offline! xx Rebecca - UK fashion blog

    1. I agree, some things are better left in your personal life.

      Alessia x