Saturday, 16 August 2014

For The Women Of My Life

To all the women that I have met, talked to, laughed with, walked past, hugged, eaten with, lived with, loved, waved to... Every single one.

// Change your sheets often, you'll sleep better.
// You will be young. You will be old. Be you, now.
// Drink water, often.
// School is not the only learning space.
// What would your Mother say if she could see you right this second?
// I appreciate you.
// I am proud of you.
// Go with it. One day, this will be a great story.
// Don't be afraid to feel every emotion. You are human.
// Learn to listen.
// There's a kind of love that will do little but entirely destroy your ego.
// Don't spend too many nights in Low Self Esteem City.
// Each season comes once a year.
// Your body will change, but it's only trying to keep you alive.
// One day when you'll find a way to wrap love around yourself, instead of being buried in it.
// We all need a little help sometimes.
// Ignite fires in the lives of people you love.
// Forget what you see in magazines & on the internet. You are one hell of a woman.

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