Sunday, 10 August 2014

My Week In Numbers #2

2 - bars of petrol left in my tank. How have I driven that much recently?! After this week, I'm considering moving to Venezuela, it's only 2/3p per litre of petrol there!

14 - hours of sleep I've missed out on and am definitely craving.

7 - runs completed since Monday. Damn, it feels good!

6 - minutes of genius I can't get enough of.

450 - photos to edit by the middle of next week.

32 - days until I turn 18. Holy moly, that does not feel real.

2 - losing scratch cards. Boo!

1 - week until Iss is home and I am calm.

4 - nights of conversations and laughter. And I am so thankful for those and the people that allow them to happen.

5 - punches of much needed encouragement and tough love.

10 - minutes on the phone to Max; absorbing camera knowledge and wishing for my sibling to be closer.

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