Saturday, 1 November 2014

Dear November...

After the blaze of October, the trees - much like me - stand dormant, awaiting the shine of Spring.

It's hard to get around the wind, but it's coming. Thick and fast, ready for a battle. When love feels heavy you must remember that there will be brighter days, where the sun shines for more than two hours, when eating a tub of ice cream will make you comfortable, not cold. Those days are coming, soon. First, you must prepare with today, tomorrow and the days after that. These crisp November mornings will shape you, make you strong.

Surround us with things that comfort and sustain during the colder months.
November, I admire you. You have so suddenly sauntered up the drive and rang the doorbell. And you've left me no choice but to answer, wooly gloves in hand.

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