Sunday, 18 May 2014

This Week #4

My oh my this week! Busy doesn't even cut it!

I spend most of Monday trying to get the indicators on my car fixed (for a price that wouldn't leave me with 40p to my name), no luck as of yet but let's just say it's proving interesting (crazy fun) to drive.

The most difficult part of my week has been finding boundaries and setting them in place, sometimes I find it tricky to let go of the sense I'm disappointing someone or being a little harsh. Annoyingly, this often leads to the exact opposite, I end up going out f my way for others (when not warranted) and am just too nice. I need to work on it and recognising the flaw is the first step - it's time to put my foot down.

Also, I've set some solid plans for the summer months and I can hardly wait! The chance to get out more, see more, hang out more is sounding really appealing and is definitely getting me through bouts of negative feelings.

For the most part, I've had a really positive week. Clouds disappearing and the sun has had a big part to play in this, it's all a little more hopeful.

Seeing friends and doing different things to my usual routine has kept me alert and interested - I'm on track.

This week's teaching: "Energy follows intent."

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