Monday, 7 April 2014

London Coffee Festival!

This year the London Coffee Festival hit Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane. It opened on Thursday and Friday (3rd-4th of April) to trade. Then, during the weekend (5th-6th of April), they let consumers run loose. And boy, what fun did we have!

On the way in we picked up one of The Coffee Festival magazines. It's full great stuff! Articles including: 'The Science of Espresso' and 'The Importance of Water'. The writing is outstandingly articulate, easy for full blown coffee geeks and those just starting out to understand. Concise and clear. The images inside are also worth a mention. The photography shown is of the highest quality, making coffee and the different processes look beautiful.

We then headed downstairs to the True Artisan Café where the majority of coffee served was free - in response to this they kindly asked that you made a donation to Project Waterfall. This is a charity that focuses on providing safe drinking water and good hygiene to some of the poorest communities in the coffee growing regions of Africa. Undeniably a cause worth reading about and getting involved with.

The music downstairs was mind blowing! One DJ supplying the whole place with the most easy on the ears mixes - some of the best I've ever heard. It created an unimaginable atmosphere (and definitely kept everyone on their toes).

I was lucky enough to sample Nude Espresso's cold brew. Brewed for 18 hours with beans from Kenya gave it an overwhelming fruity taste that I just couldn't get enough of. That's my summer drink sorted!

The entire set up worked fantastically! Easy to move around, observe and talk to different stands and people interested in coffee (roasting, brewing, the science behind it etc). Everything you could have needed was right there.

The Festival also brought along a few treats! Everyone who entered was given a tote bag with a few goodies inside. The London Coffee Guide was also available to buy - I'm looking forward to having a read of that one!

All in all it was a cracking event - well planned, and executed. Bring on 2015!

You can find all of The London Coffee Festival's Links here:

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