Monday, 14 April 2014

Pick Me Ups

A list of things that feel good:

  • Having your class cancelled on a beautiful day. 
  • Laughing so hard your face hurts. 
  • Watching a child do something for the first time. 
  • A great idea. 
  • Getting mail. 
  • Walking out of your last exam. 
  • Seeing hard work pay off. 
  • Your favourite lunch.
  • Clean laundry.
  • Being told you did an excellent job.
  • A care package. 
  • Student discount. 
  • A crisp white shirt.
  • Seeing how happy your dog is when you take him for a walk.
  • An unexpected gift. 
  • Walking barefoot in the sand. 
  • Taking uncomfortable shoes off.
  • Singing in public and hearing a stranger say “You *GO* girl!” 
  •  Landing on the runway after a long flight. 
  • An almost dangerous sense of determination. 
  • Feeling needed.
  • The ability to listen.
  • Compassion. 
  • Travelling.
  • Writing something you're proud of.
  • Smiling at strangers and getting smiles in return.
  • Wide open spaces.
  • Knowing that we live in a world where most things are just a phone call away.
  • Snacking when you get home late. 
  • Latte art.
  • Being with someone you love when you need each other.
  • The smell of the first bbq of summer.
  • A sleep in the afternoon after a big meal. 
  • Making use of the whole day. 
  • Watching a black and white film.
  • Eating food you grew yourself. 
  • The first warm summer days.
  • Being brave enough to stand by your decisions.
  • Waking up next to someone you love. 
  • The smell of freshly cut grass.
  • Knowing that all is well.
  • Finding a starfish at the beach. 
  • The sound of wind in the trees. 
  • The sound of the ocean at high tide.
  • Meeting new people and having them become good friends faster than you thought possible. 
  • Finding common ground with someone you were unsure about.
  • Knowing and feeling that some person really likes you as you are.
  • When the weather is just warm enough for you to eat outside.
  • Listening to the falling rain drops. 
  • Watching the dew drops on flower petals early in the morning. 
Keep a look out for Pt. 2!


  1. Great post, so many little things that make me happy on there but things I would never think off the top of my head to go 'oh, that really makes me happy'.

    1. It took me a while to notice but it's great when you do!