Thursday, 3 April 2014

Thoughts On Social Media

In this day and age I think it would be reasonable to think nearly everyone has an active account on one or more social media platforms - that's to be expected! A large of junk of communication happens via the internet, be it iMessages, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram...

Instagram is my main social network of choice. I am always fascinated by the way different beings interpret a place, plate of food, person, cup of coffee. It's infinite and I love it!
A lot of my inspiration stems from Instagram and I enjoy documenting important moments and activities in my life. It has allowed me to network with people I wouldn't have otherwise met.
It's great for building your own persona and finding what you like, however, so is the outside world. 

It's interesting because if someone had asked me to write a post about this when I was 14 I probably would have said it's brilliant, I love it, it can do no wrong. I think we all know that's not the truth, it does have its downsides and we've all experienced them.

For me, it's important to be mindful. Meaning I like to be in tune with myself and the ground I'm standing on. Often this means switching off from things like Twitter and Instagram. It's great to be letting everyone know what you're doing and how you're feeling but sometimes it's nice to be anonymous and soak up some serenity.

Of course I will continue to use social media platforms, and I will most definitely remember to be conscious and aware of my own presence in this ever-changing world.

The internet and social media is what you make of it, you can choose to absorb the good and banish the bad (and vice versa). Most of all I think it's vital to remember that as we grow, the internet grows.

This post prompt was taken from Sometimes Sweet's Journal Day Prompt #7

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