Tuesday, 16 September 2014

What Do You Wish Was Taught At School?

The emotions I saw on A-level Results Day sparked some ideas. Some weren't bothered by the outcome of a years work, some were happy, some felt hard done by. All of which are understandable. Sometimes exam results have a tendency to remind us that even if we work our asses off, in terms of letters on a piece of paper at the end of Summer, it won't always be what you expect.

So it got me thinking, what if schools taught some stuff I actually really want to know, not just how to break down formulae and find 'x'.

In an ideal world, these are the four subjects that would have got me that little bit further:

1. Money

What credit cards are available, mortgages, renting, the difference between a savings and current account, what happens when you're overdrawn, what tax you have to pay and why. Ok, it sounds pretty dull but let's be honest, I'm damn scared about all this stuff and I haven't got a clue where to start. If someone had given me the heads up when I was still at school, and told me the best ways to save and earn, I would have paid attention.

2. Social Skills

I don't just mean with peers and those in the workplace here. Worldwide travel is now more accessible than ever and it's common to see those on their gap year jetting of to Asia or inter-railing around Europe. Learning how to greet someone, their traditions and customs would surely only help generations connect with a wider audience and become more aware.

3. House and Home

Before anyone gets on their high horse, I'm not talking about women having a meal ready for the working man when he walks through the door. This more along the lines of practical jobs; things like bleeding a radiator, changing a lightbulb without electrocuting yourself across the room, gas and water maintenance... you know, those skills you aren't born with.

4. Politics

I've just hit the age that allows me to vote, this is pretty terrifying and that's mostly because I have no idea how the system works. The country would benefit a whole lot if students were taught about voting, political parties/policies and elections. More people would feel able to vote with confidence and it would hopefully diminish the amount of people living in a country they don't understand.



  1. I totally and really quite strongly agree with all of the above! I also think that kids should be taught gardening and self sufficiency as part of food studies or whatever!
    Great read lovely lady xx

    1. I hadn't thought of that but it makes a lot of sense, self sufficiency is pretty key!
      Thank you so much!
      Alessia x