Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Free Indeed

It's only now, a few days before everyone heads back to school for a new year, that I'm realising the summer months of this year have been so many things. A bubble, an escape, free, home, enlightening and I suppose most of all, the best damn hazy days and alive nights I've ever had the pleasure of absorbing.

Selfish me is screaming: "I don't want this to end! Let's do more. Let's drive until 3am. Let's do all that important stuff on six hours less sleep than we really need. Stay. We can keep this enormous bubble of happy and irresponsible for a while yet. I'm not done."
Alas, selfish me can't win this one. They have to go back to school, study for exams, find jobs, get in to good universities; I think I'm just protective of what has been, we've found something mutual and don't want to give it up, it's instinct I guess.

We're not ready. That's the truest bit. We're dreading change. We're mixed up. Alone and together. Breathing fine and gasping for air simultaneously. But mostly, well mostly, we're fearless. And that's why we'll get through this year in style, ready to do it all again when the clocks go forward.

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