Friday, 12 September 2014

You Have Time

If you listen to one thing, absorb and admire one thing today, let it be that you have time. More time than you think. 

You can stay for that second round of drinks. Walk home at half the pace you would normally, the bricks and dinner will still be there when you arrive. Take that extra ten minutes of sleep, you need it. Leave for work a little later than planned, the fresh pastries and juice will be worth it. 
You have time to ring your parents a few time a week - at least. You have time get sick and take the week off, you’re human. Go on holiday, don’t rush the bright days and blissful nights.
Take your lunch outside, there’s time to indulge. Spend that extra half an hour at the park with the kids, ‘catch up TV’ is a thing now.

Keep performing little miracles, you’re changing something big, even if you can't see it yet. You can be kind, humble, patient.

Know that the world doesn’t move as quickly as you do.


  1. I most certainly loved: 'the bricks will still be there when you arrive!' It will become one of my new mantra's now. In my case, it's a cool twist of words like that, that do the trick! (the dinner unfortunately is never there, unless I make it ;-)) Kudosxxx

  2. that does the trick, scuzi!