Monday, 29 September 2014

A Letter To An Old Perfectionist

Forgive yourself for the times you stumbled upstairs without a "Goodnight" to your parents. Forgive yourself for the days you thought coffee was the only food group you needed. Forgive yourself for sticking around people that didn't make you feel important. Forgive yourself for letting another influence the thoughts you worked so hard to conquer. Forgive yourself for leaving early to just be alone. 
Forgive yourself for shunning your mind when it sang only sweet words of your body. And to hell with what others think. Forgive yourself for saying your hips were nothing but 'gross'. One day they will anchor shopping, laundry, heavy burdens and a few sneaky treats. Forgive yourself for the nights you couldn't sleep and thought of only the negative. Positivity arrived eventually and those nights hold no grudges. Forgive yourself for feeling angry, fear was big and biting. It's done, let go. 

Celebrate that your story is full to the brim with major departures and even bigger arrivals. This is your life now, don't forget to laugh. Stand up straight, you have all the armour you could ever need. See with wide eyes and believe with an open mind.

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